You may know Nathan Bransford as an author of books for young people and an amiable, informative blogger. He is also the energetic originator of an internet fundraising effort for Heifer International, my favorite charity.  Charity Navigator gives Heifer very high marks. Heifer doesn’t just offer food to those in need, they provide the livestock that can help families become self-sufficient: cows or goats for milk; chickens for eggs. You get the idea.

As Nathan said in his blog: if you have anything to spare this holiday season I hope you’ll consider making a donation. And in order to encourage people to spread the word about this worthy cause, there are two ways to help increase the giving love (and feel free to do both):

  1. For every comment someone makes in this post between now and 6PM Pacific time on December 24, I will donate $5.00. 
  2. For every tweet that includes a) the hashtag #HeiferAM and b) a link back to this post (http://bit.ly/fvH54P) I will donate another $5.00. (up to $500 between the two)

In addition to the Bransford blog mentioned above, authors of the following blogs are participating. You can get them to contribute, too, or add your own blog to the list.

Catherine Ryan Hyde
My Karma Jumped Over My Dogma
T.K.’s Tales

Wishing you Happy Giving, and all good things in the New Year.


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